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After attacking and overtaking Japan, the Holy Land deprives Japan of its freedom , its rights and its name . The area of ​​former Japan is now known as Area 11 . The British Empire is now ruling Area 11 and enforcing its laws with the Knightmares . The Knightmares' energy source is the rare Sakuradite mineral whose main resource (70%) is Japan and was the main reason for Britain's attack. Lelouch Lamperouge also lives here with his sister Nunnally , who superficially attend the Ashford Academy as students, but who are in fact children of the Emperor of Britain, who were sent to Japan seven years ago as imperial hostages. Her mother, Empress Marianne vi Britania , an ordinary woman of the people, was one of several emperor's wives. She was murdered, presumably by relatives rivaling the throne. The attack caused Nunnally a disability. When Lelouch accidentally gets into a fight between British forces and 911 rebels, he gets the ability of the Geass from a mysterious woman named CC . Thus, under certain circumstances, he is able to give orders to people who need to execute them. With this ability and his innate strategic abilities, Lelouch, under the secret identity of Zero, takes up the fight against his father ...

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