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I didn’t think it was possible to get any more excited about Nanatsu no Taizai; until this chapter came out. At this exact point in time, I couldn’t tell you were this manga is going; it would be impossible to guess. Nothing in chapter 113 went the direction I was expecting. Am not even sure what to make of that final panel; I mean, you have to commend the foreshadowing the mangaka has masterfully done since the beginning of Nanatsu no Taizai. +THE CHAPTER: Meliodas moves to take control of his subordinates. The Ten Commandments discover the ruins of Meliodas’ past. +MY THOUGHTS:   Holy crap…What does it all mean? And it isn’t just Meliodas. All those posters do not quite look like the seven deadly sins themselves. Which can only mean one of two things, at least as far as I can see: -Demons: The seven deadly sins are demons; yes, Gowther said something about how every member of the Sins is something else not quite human, meaning fairy (king), giant (Diane) and the rest. But maybe there is a demonic connection. What if the sins have some sort of demonic split personality or some other situation similar to what happened to the primary protagonist of Samurai Deeper Kyo. Better yet, Meliodas said something about a king; maybe they are the different aspects of this demon king, the seven deadly sins of an underworld ruler, separated from their host; it cannot be a coincidence that the sins do not look quite like what everyone else remembers. -Imposters: we know the sins were banished for committing some sort of treasonous act, that even Merlin was moved to act against them. And the initial assumption was that she betrayed them somehow by siding with Hendricksen; unless there is truth in the accusations of treason, only it wasn't the Sins who were responsible; which would explain Merlin’s reasons to act against… No, none of those explanations make sense if you think about them hard enough. But if it was that easy to figure out where Nanatsu no Taiza was going, it wouldn’t be the great manga it is today. And I don’t think the mangaka has ever inserted so much mystery and intrigue before; it actually reminds me of Fairy Tail in some sense. Hiro has a talent for set up; but I think Nanatsu’s payoff will be something worth writing home about. There was a point in time, a few years back, when Witch Hunter could do no wrong; where the manhwa’s story arcs seemed to only escalate with each new month, each time seemingly approaching a boiling point but always promising more; more action, more mystery, more character development. Except that the Manhwa hasn’t been that great for a while; not terrible but not great. Why? Because Witch Hunter’s writer pretty much admitted that he makes things up as he goes. It was only rational that things would eventually fall apart and the payoffs and revelations would fail to meet expectations. The only way Nanatsu No Taizai can exceed its current greatness is if the mangaka actually has a plan in mind.
RATING: 10/10. I have to admit, I actually forget about the Gowther stuff; and that first half of the manga actually had me hooked, especially with the way events turned out (completely the opposite of what I expected). Until we switched to the demons and I completely forgot about him. Yet, after re-reading the chapter, it is difficult to not marvel at the character of Gowther: what the hell is up with this guy? I cannot begin to comprehend him.

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