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Naruto tells the story of a young boy, with great hidden power. Naruto is a boy who attends the infamous Ninja Academy at his small village. Hidden inside of him lies a destructive power, which is essentially the evil spirit of a fox. Many around the village seem to dislike Naruto for this; they see him as bad luck and a demon himself. Naruto's evil teacher Mizuki sees this, and forces the boy into stealing an ancient scroll for him. Inside of this scroll lies the secret techniques to capture the fox demon within Naruto, which Mizuki so desires. Before returning the scroll to his teacher, the curious lad decides to read a bit of it himself. Unknowingly, Naruto discovers amazing techniques and easily learns them to his own will. Soon enough, Naruto is multiplying himself and displaying talents he never knew he was capable of. The boy teams up with his master, Master Iruka, and together they destroy Mizuki and return the scroll to its rightful shrine. Thus begins the adventurous tale of Naruto; the story of a mischievious boy who is now in charge of a powerful spirit within himself. Not only does Naruto display endless action and comedy, but it also resembles a tale of love. As a hit in Japan and soon enough the United States, Naruto has become an overall fan favorite. With its great animation and characters, Naruto has built its way up to one of the greatest animes of time. So what are you waiting for? Check out Naruto Figures today!

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