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ONE PIECE Ch. 752 Review

Finding extraordinary solutions to unique problems appears to be the theme of the week.

What was once a trap becomes a shortcut. Doflamingo has Luffy cornered in what he hopes is a watery grave for the Straw Hat captain, but no one can hope to contain this wild pirate king for long. Across the city, Leo has a plan that's really thinking outside the box. The Good In a world that uses snails as phones, who would have thought I could still be amazed? In a world that uses snails as phones, who would have thought I could still be amazed? As a writer, you want to put your characters into situations so that your audience asks, "Now, how are they going to get out of this?". It's then your job to do your best to think up a solution that the audience isn't likely to have thought of yet. That's certainly tricky when the readers have a week to brainstorm between chapters. Well, Oda really did a great job with this issue. One of my favorite solutions to a short cut has to be Leo's smart thinking on using the Tontatta's Beetles to air lift Robin and the gang across town in a matter of minutes. Not through flight, but by bounding across the rooftops through controlled falls to create an incredibly unique shortcut. Luffy's problem solving skills may not be as clever, but he more than makes up for that in style and flash. I certainly called Kelly and Bobby Funk's collusion with Doflamingo. It was the only explanation of how Luffy and Law wound up in that trap. Sure, the subterfuge was a touch convoluted, but you can hardly say it didn't bring results. Doflamingo really had the boys in the perfect trap. That was until Abdullah and Jeet came to the rescue. The way this series can turn around characters never stops amazing me. The Bad The only real negative to come out of this chapter more appears to be a lack of focus. We go from one scene to the next with only the briefest glimpse at separate events across Dressrosa. Though better to see something than nothing at all. Seeing how this chapter closes, it looks as if we won't be seeing any follow through on any of them for a week or two. Verdict 4/5 Leo informs the gang that ONE PIECE is on break next week. It's an over all great chapter to read that has some nice tension, surprises, and laughs. Basically just good entertainment. The issue lacks some direction near the end that I feel holds it back just a bit but nothing plot breaking. Some good news is that anticipated Law flashback looks to be on the horizon, and I'm effectively intrigued. Just too bad the series is on a one week break.

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