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Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess on the moon named Serena. Both her and her mother, Queen Serenity, were the fairest beauties in the Kingdom and were adored by all. Serena, in particular, was adored especially by a handsome prince, Darien. It seemed the two were destined to be together. Serena was usually accompanied by her Court, also her friends, four girls associated with other planets: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus. Two cat guardians watched over the girls and taught them. One day, disaster struck the happy citizens of the Moon Kingdom. A dark force invaded and Queen Serenity, in desperation, sent Serena, her Court, her guardians and even Darien, to Earth. There, they all awoke with no memories left of the Moon Kingdom, and with lives that seemed as ordinary as any other human on this small green planet. Sailor Moon is anime, a Japanese-animated series, created by Naoko Takeuchi. It deals with the adventures of Serena, who later finds out that she is Sailor Moon, a champion of love and justice. She is assisted by Darien, who has the ability to become the striking hero Tuxedo Mask. Her four friends also provide support with powers from the planets they represent, along with Sailor Scouts from the future representing Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. Luna and Artemis, the cat guardians, watch over the girls and instruct them as they fight the very creatures that destroyed the Moon Kingdom and would destroy earth as well.

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